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September 24th, 2015, 11:23 pm


Howdy folks! Lu here. I'm getting ready to remove that filler text so I thought I'd post a news bulletin with the information in it's stead.

Tuesday afternoon my backup drive decided to fail on me and my father has spent the last few days helping me repair it. After a mishap with one of the layered files a few days after I posted the last update and was setting up the file for the next page I started backing up my computer before and after i do work as a precaution to prevent it from happening again. As soon as he and I have finished repairing things I'll be back to work on the next update and it will definitely be done and up by next Saturday (October 3) ^^

Until then I will be uploading some character references every day anytime from 10AM to 12 AM to introduce y'all to some of the more recurring characters and one or more of their relics. This starts at 10AM September 25 with a reference of May and one of her future relics (as she currently has none in the story). These will be uploaded up until the page is up. It'll be back to regular business after that.

I hope to see y'all around!

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